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Stress, is it your worst enemy or you salvation?

You body is made to heal itself, really? Yes when given the right fuel and care. It is like a car, put cheap gasoline full of dirt and don’t do no maintenance on it. Pretty sure you know the result, especially in a harsh environment, near the ocean or where they spread salt in winter time like here in Canada or in the upper state of USA.

To be optimal you body need the best nutriment you can provide, there is a lot to say here and many thing need to be explain in depth since there is plenty of wrong information on health food topic. Also we all have different genetic and background. What is good for me might not be optimal for you.

This involve to have different need. Allergy to different food. Yup this is real, we are all allergic to some food. Follow my blog to know more.

We are all busy, some time too busy to eat healthy, sleep properly, read book and more thing to take care of our self. We often not mentally and physically prepare to face stress face to face. In this case stress is taken as a treat and crash energy down. You cannot use stress for good if you’re brain is foggy and you don’t know where to aim your focus and what to do next.

Look my blog on sleep and the one on meditation to give your focus a boost! After implementing a couple of those trick, one at a time or all together, not only your mind will be clearer but all your metabolism will work with you!

Like the car you need to put the best gasoline, do your maintenance in regards of your environment. You body need the best food, the best air and a good stress management.

Gasoline= food, air, sun, information, love, share, sleep

Maintenance= workout, lifestyle, rest, powerful thinking

Sometime it is really bad stress that we are creating inside our mind.

As Mark twain quote;

“I had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”

It is simple to understand why it is so crucial, especially if you’re already working to improve your thought, not only to have positive thought but powerful one preferably. The kind of idea and solution that empower you to give your best. To have you looking for solution, this is the real power of the mind, you control your thought!

I had many problem in my early year of being entrepreneur most of them never existed, as I focus my mind on the work and the solution, I saw more and more opportunity coming my way. Also When I start thinking I deserve good thing and change my mind to creating wealth, it all changed of outcome tremendously.

So have powerful tough, provide good fuel to your body and everything will get better! It has worked for me and for so many other successful people! Why not taking advantage of these powerful habit and trick?

Bad stress= thing that make you doubt, distress, step back, scared of the outcome if thing goes bad

Good stress or Eustress= provide you with motivation, acting with gut, mind sharpness and body in good condition

Your brain that react first to new stimuli is the reptilian brain, he think fight or flight as a solution. If you fight you will have strengths and courage provide, but if you flight your react to escape the situation. Not facing the problem and resolving it with a solution, it will back fire in the future.

You body react to this a lot, we are made to live in the wild as a predator and a prey as well. On bad stress it turn off your problem solving mind, narrow your vision, turn your skin acidic, stop digestion and many more issues is being felt. Issues also include; cold, flu, digestive, reproductive, depression, heart disease, weight gain, memory loss.

Good stress in the other hand is really benefiting you! Enhance and improve cognitive brain function, boost motivation defined by excitement, help identify and overcome obstacle, it is invigorating and providing satisfaction!



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