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Lose is the new win, seriously?

Did you know that in some old indigenous tribe if someone made a mistake and get caught, all the tribe were reuniting. Not to blame or to throw rock at the guilty, but to make a circle around the concern person and send him or her love and dance to take away demon.

That is still true today not the dancing part you’ve guess it. If you commit a crime people wont dance around you in prison, I can say this with certitude. The part that we have all demon inside each of us, don’t be scare my friend, “with a deep voice”. We also have angel taking care of us, by this I mean you have positive power, strength, idea, intent and most important action.

Because it all and always come back to action, you can say what ever you do, but it will always be over regarded if you action don’t follow your word.

One phrase I found exact and came from Navy seal, every one want to go to heaven but no one want to die. Can also rephrase it as: every body want to be successful but no one put the effort. Because the people who are successful are not wanting it, they make it happen!

Hope you grasp the value of this, it take action to move forwards, with action might come mistake. It even need mistake to learn faster and remember the lesson.

Now a day, error or mistake is often reprimanded and seen as bad… this cause people to don’t do nothing in fear of being wrong. It definitely the worst attitude to have in regards of this new and ill philosophy of this generation. Don’t be scare of the mistake, be afraid of being stuck in a place you dislike, do you see the point here.

A rich person or one in is way to become wealthy the thinking that every mistake and error is bringing knowledge, answer or a certain value to is experience. He never think bad of it or being disappointed about it. He growth with it, is this something you do now?

No one want to lose, especially this generation. We often consider loosing as bad and weak. This is typically a poor person mindset. Losing and learning from it is the only way to climb the wealth ladder quick and to stay wealthy for ever.

Take challenge as stop sign, stop and sign to change, seek the opportunity out of it, you are the one that will take you out of the rat race. Better grasp the lesson on every obstacle, even better take note of what went wrong and all the solution possible for this issues. Then filter which one is the best, apply it, if the problem is still persistent, try the other point on the list.

In this manner you will accustom you mind to seek solution and the key to be successful is to help as many people as you can. So when you encounter problem or people with issues you’ll be able to find quick solution and not just one. You will also be able to share the trick and mindset to have I just provide you, right there you will be perceive as a solution solver.

This is the key to bring you business to the next level bring value! You are full of resources that you can bring to other, just start sharing as soon as you realize you true potential.

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