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Every dedicated person is doing his best

Everything happen and everyone acting for a reason, something and only rarely it is for bad purpose.

Think robber all do it to pay for their drug, wrong.

Think hacker build virus and steal money for creating chaos, only few does it for such a reason.

Do you think salesman try to scam everyone, again some do but we must not generalize.


It is like the other day my friend complained again mosquitoes biting the hell out of him, well this is how he make it sound. But seriously I really don’t think that way, they are only feeding their family like most of the above. Don’t bitch again people on the edge, pretty sure it is their last resort or close to it. It is like staying under the sun unprotected, no hat or long sleeve clothes then moan about your sun burn, you knew and didn’t take any precaution.

We should prepare, prevent and protect to the opposite of pointing other by the finger. I will keep giving you advise and trick to help you on this in all my blog an email but for now let just focus on the mindset.

Question everything even what went wrong, especially what went wrong!

It is to be aware that we are accountable for 95% of what is happening to us, did you put yourself vulnerable at some point and didn’t correct you flaws.

Also we need to use the fear of being scam to protect us, research and get advise from professional that have good reputation and are trustful. Don’t rely on your intuition alone, it is the greatest skill we are born with but our mind can foul ourselves.

Take your gut feeling in note but check with expert and people who walked the road you want to cross. As one expert have said: to me trust, but verify. This is true with every advise you got, you cannot whine when shit hit the fan because you follow blindly someone word.

Don’t let relation be diminish by this approach, just ask and interrogate the person who gave you the advise and if it is still unclear or they are missing piece just leave the subject with something like: I will look deeper into it it is really interesting but I want to know more what you are talking about exactly, then you might even come back to this person with better understanding of what is advise was and exchange other idea and possibility for this solution.

In everything nothing is worthy as some preparation, but don’t over prepare neither. Be aware of analysis by paralysis at all time. Is this decision important enough to loose precious time on it, it is bringing the correct message even if not perfect yet, is it taking you closer to your big dream, ask a precise question to get advise from a trusted friend. Go with it and correct course along the way. Don’t ask for permission ask for forgiveness. People will be less tempted to stop a moving train then to not make it start, if they find it inappropriate.

Like in business you know the government will be after your income, prepare properly, ask advise and equip yourself for success, take action, don’t be foolish and try it all alone or without the proper tool, prepare and run toward you goal it is a marathon to success there will be many breath for you to settle good stance. Even if some piece of the puzzle are missing take note of them, put the machine in operation and work on what is missing along the way.

For you to be successful you need first to get moving. Keep the flow running.


Boost yourself,



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