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The Ultimate Money Rules,…

Have you ever eared such a thing as Money Rules? Two way you could had.

First coming from a wealthy family, who had great knowledge of the human behavior and money mastery

Second is that you did your homework and become a ever improving being!

This is who I wish you are, got everything in your own hand! All the power needed to complete what ever task you set yourself too.

Here are the rule:

  1. Rich people create their life while poor people have life happens to them.
  2. Rich people play the money game to win. Poor people play the money game to not lose.
  3. Rich people are committed to being rich. Poor people want to be rich.
  4. Rich people think big. Poor people think small.
  5. Rich people focus on opportunities. Poor people focus on obstacles.
  6. Rich people admire other rich and successful people. Poor people resent rich and successful people.
  7. Rich people associate with positive, successful people. Poor people associate with negative or unsuccessful people.
  8. Rich people are willing to promote themselves and their value. Poor people think negatively about selling and promotion.
  9. Rich people are bigger than their problems. Poor people are smaller than their problems.
  10. Rich people are excellent receivers. Poor people are poor receivers.
  11. Rich people choose to get paid based on results. Poor people choose to get paid based on time.
  12. Rich people think “both”. Poor people think “either/or”.
  13. Rich people focus on their net worth. Poor people focus on their working income.
  14. Rich people manage their money well. Poor people mismanage their money well.
  15. Rich people have their money work hard for them. Poor people work hard for their money.
  16. Rich people act in spite of fear. Poor people let fear stop them.
  17. Rich people constantly learn and grow. Poor people think they already know.”

Have you recognize yourself in any of them? let me know, let share some of our experience of life to bring those rules to live for other memeber wandering how those can apply in real life.

Boost Yourself,
Paul Dream Kicker

Lose is the new win, seriously?

Did you know that in some old indigenous tribe if someone made a mistake and get caught, all the tribe were reuniting. Not to blame or to throw rock at the guilty, but to make a circle around the concern person and send him or her love and dance to take away demon.

That is still true today not the dancing part you’ve guess it. If you commit a crime people wont dance around you in prison, I can say this with certitude. The part that we have all demon inside each of us, don’t be scare my friend, “with a deep voice”. We also have angel taking care of us, by this I mean you have positive power, strength, idea, intent and most important action.

Because it all and always come back to action, you can say what ever you do, but it will always be over regarded if you action don’t follow your word.

One phrase I found exact and came from Navy seal, every one want to go to heaven but no one want to die. Can also rephrase it as: every body want to be successful but no one put the effort. Because the people who are successful are not wanting it, they make it happen!

Hope you grasp the value of this, it take action to move forwards, with action might come mistake. It even need mistake to learn faster and remember the lesson.

Now a day, error or mistake is often reprimanded and seen as bad… this cause people to don’t do nothing in fear of being wrong. It definitely the worst attitude to have in regards of this new and ill philosophy of this generation. Don’t be scare of the mistake, be afraid of being stuck in a place you dislike, do you see the point here.

A rich person or one in is way to become wealthy the thinking that every mistake and error is bringing knowledge, answer or a certain value to is experience. He never think bad of it or being disappointed about it. He growth with it, is this something you do now?

No one want to lose, especially this generation. We often consider loosing as bad and weak. This is typically a poor person mindset. Losing and learning from it is the only way to climb the wealth ladder quick and to stay wealthy for ever.

Take challenge as stop sign, stop and sign to change, seek the opportunity out of it, you are the one that will take you out of the rat race. Better grasp the lesson on every obstacle, even better take note of what went wrong and all the solution possible for this issues. Then filter which one is the best, apply it, if the problem is still persistent, try the other point on the list.

In this manner you will accustom you mind to seek solution and the key to be successful is to help as many people as you can. So when you encounter problem or people with issues you’ll be able to find quick solution and not just one. You will also be able to share the trick and mindset to have I just provide you, right there you will be perceive as a solution solver.

This is the key to bring you business to the next level bring value! You are full of resources that you can bring to other, just start sharing as soon as you realize you true potential.

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Do what you fear the most and Expend your comfort zone!

Have you ever feel scared? Pretty sure you did every body as been afraid of something, at some point in there live.

-Some try to hide it and don’t think about.

-Other acknowledge it, but don’t act on it or try to deal with it.

-Successful people take those moment and taught to push themselves, take them out of their comfort zone to amplify their learning and expend they ease of the awkward and difficult opportunity.

If you are not ready or unprepared to grab the opportunity at the exact moment it coming your

way you could miss big time to improve your life. In every area it could have a huge

impact, health, relationship but especially in the wealth domain.

In business what do matter the most is your network, you might already eared it, your net worth is equal to your network.

This is true in a really specific way, you have to be able to reach and ask good question to the right person. Here person could have been change for expert, since you only want to ask question to the best guy to resolve your issues.

You might need to make some research and even get turn out multiple time. But you will always find someone really please to help you.

}To make it easy you can do this simple exercise:

-Find a question about what you are passionate about that you weren’t able to answer neither in book on the internet or anywhere you can find information.

-Formulate a good question easy to ask, that have just one meaning and remove everything unclear or multiple choice possible. Make it precise on what you want.

-Then reach out your top idol of this niches, threw email with his first name, early in the morning. This will ease to pass the first screen under him or her.

-Try multiple time and reach different expert until you succeed, this will help you in the long run for sure!

Don’t be scared of what you could achieve, but you should be afraid of the result of not doing nothing, really afraid.

You learn from mistake way more then from success. Go ahead and prepare, dive into unknown, rise back up again, learn from it, prepare some more and kick the hell out of your fear.

Use them to motivate and show you the way to go!

}Have this clearly written to keep track and hype to work toward your dream goal:

-Write on a scale from 1 to 10 what is the possible gain you could reach from taking a certain action.

-Get exactly what will change and what will not change in your life, out of the action you intend taking.

-Now take note of what will be next year if you take no action about your feared action. What would it be in 5 years or tens years if nothing in taken in charge off.

-Also on a scale from 1 to 10 what is the possible lost and thing you would not learn if you didn’t act on it.

-Compare both and it should be clear that taking action is the best thing to do, in every case, all the time.

As an example: I someday had to move forward and invest in myself or just keep complaining about life and hope for the best. I learn that hope is a beggar not a giver, hope is for people who are wandering. you need to be absolutely certain in your success, you need to have faith. I then did this exercise.

I would gain courage, knowledge and access powerful tool and mentor to build my business and take it up fast. It was near 10 on 10 for me, I’ve gave it a 9/10 of the possible gain out of it. Possible loss of my money if not used correctly.

Then what would I lose by not taking any action, I would still be at the same place, got no precise goal or way to achieve them, know there is better but have no clue of how to accomplish my dream, I could have a couple of buck more in my bank account for a short period but not more in the long run.

All of which are really changing depending of my perception of it, so this is why it is important to note and compare. Our mind are made to make us wander and take the easiest road in the near future. Successful entrepreneur got all this in common they always aim for the best long run gain.

Instant gratification is not a friend for entrepreneur, it often dilute your long term goal and remove your focus on the one thing you should dedicate too.

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Every dedicated person is doing his best

Everything happen and everyone acting for a reason, something and only rarely it is for bad purpose.

Think robber all do it to pay for their drug, wrong.

Think hacker build virus and steal money for creating chaos, only few does it for such a reason.

Do you think salesman try to scam everyone, again some do but we must not generalize.


It is like the other day my friend complained again mosquitoes biting the hell out of him, well this is how he make it sound. But seriously I really don’t think that way, they are only feeding their family like most of the above. Don’t bitch again people on the edge, pretty sure it is their last resort or close to it. It is like staying under the sun unprotected, no hat or long sleeve clothes then moan about your sun burn, you knew and didn’t take any precaution.

We should prepare, prevent and protect to the opposite of pointing other by the finger. I will keep giving you advise and trick to help you on this in all my blog an email but for now let just focus on the mindset.

Question everything even what went wrong, especially what went wrong!

It is to be aware that we are accountable for 95% of what is happening to us, did you put yourself vulnerable at some point and didn’t correct you flaws.

Also we need to use the fear of being scam to protect us, research and get advise from professional that have good reputation and are trustful. Don’t rely on your intuition alone, it is the greatest skill we are born with but our mind can foul ourselves.

Take your gut feeling in note but check with expert and people who walked the road you want to cross. As one expert have said: to me trust, but verify. This is true with every advise you got, you cannot whine when shit hit the fan because you follow blindly someone word.

Don’t let relation be diminish by this approach, just ask and interrogate the person who gave you the advise and if it is still unclear or they are missing piece just leave the subject with something like: I will look deeper into it it is really interesting but I want to know more what you are talking about exactly, then you might even come back to this person with better understanding of what is advise was and exchange other idea and possibility for this solution.

In everything nothing is worthy as some preparation, but don’t over prepare neither. Be aware of analysis by paralysis at all time. Is this decision important enough to loose precious time on it, it is bringing the correct message even if not perfect yet, is it taking you closer to your big dream, ask a precise question to get advise from a trusted friend. Go with it and correct course along the way. Don’t ask for permission ask for forgiveness. People will be less tempted to stop a moving train then to not make it start, if they find it inappropriate.

Like in business you know the government will be after your income, prepare properly, ask advise and equip yourself for success, take action, don’t be foolish and try it all alone or without the proper tool, prepare and run toward you goal it is a marathon to success there will be many breath for you to settle good stance. Even if some piece of the puzzle are missing take note of them, put the machine in operation and work on what is missing along the way.

For you to be successful you need first to get moving. Keep the flow running.


Boost yourself,



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Any preparation is good, but action must be taken!

I just got stock in the middle of the ride. Sun was burning my head and water was getting depleted. It could all have been prevented with more preparation.

It all started on a bike ride with my girlfriend. On a hot and sunny day we went 8 miles away from my place, only too realize when we were going back home after our little swim in the cold lake water. Dress up and when we hit the road my tire was flat, completely out of air. I walk to the closest gas station to inflate it, it seemed correct but we knew it would empty itself again. We sprint all the way we can before I would run on my rim so I stopped before breaking anything.

I had a small hand pump usually with my bike. But for this time I didn’t found it quickly and decide to go without it. It is the only time I didn’t took it with me on a ride and it is the only time I would have needed it. I didn’t get mad or anything just had to walk a bit, my girlfriend sprinted to the car and came pick me up. In the time I waited under the canopy, in in great outdoor, I wrote 2 blog ideas I had. This is one of those idea and my girl had a extra workout that she really felt in her leg all evening long and this morning as well.

This is bringing me to advise you that you need to get the adequate tool and help to prevent lost and frustration. You can blindly try thing but it might and certainly come back to you in the future. Could be the government that will tax or charge you, law suit, bail, permanently blocked or what ever it could be you must take precaution. You don’t need to know all the exact step before taking action, the road will unveil under your step for much of the case.

Don’t get stuck on the side of the road and make yourself a plan. Good way to build a sure way to success is to reverse engineer those who already succeed in what you are looking to achieve. Look was is working then ask yourself what is require to achieve it, look at all that involve into the achievement of such a working product or service.

This way will ensure you to get a complete path and won’t stall on any of the step to take. Don’t wait till it is perfect before acting, act then perfect it. Again don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness when you really screw up.

Be aware everything bad can happen and if unprepared definitely will eventually hit you back, it can be an opportunity to learn or another reason to complaint. Prior the first outcome, on my adventure I learn to take more time to prepare the tool. I couldn’t find it, taking 30 minutes, more efficiently way would have to ask my girlfriend since she the one that use it last time, if I would look deeper and ask help I might found it in 5 minutes.

This apply to business as well, don’t be shy to ask. Formulate a great question, with research done and precise answer you look for. Everybody want to help people who help themselves, some guidance might be disguise as negative critic. Two way to approach it, ask this person who gave you the advise why they’re use these word and why their answer are cold and harsh or whatever the feeling you get of it. The other way would just to reformulate it in your head to you advantage and try to understand what he meant, confirm with him that this is what he meant.

Again if you want the best advise from a guy who is improving everyday and is reaching is goal, invest in yourself and get mentored by the best out there.

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It is always a matter of perception, something that is bad for you might be a blessing in disguise for me, something I failed and make me realize and important aspect I neglect or didn’t even knew. Boost you mental toughness and read this free book I just advise you: free legendary book

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Boost yourself,



My personal road to success, highway to wealth with porno.

Porno make me come to a ultimate revelation, yeah that is right. But except position and expectation I didn’t retain much more from the movies. It is still my devotion to get the truth behind wander. Question everything, is really came logic in those year for me, I was questioning myself about how did the guy in those movies could performed in such a long and intense stimuli. I stumble into old knowledge and it really started my personal improvement.

It then I knew, that there was trick, mentality and training that could be accomplish to access lost power of us. The P.C. (Pubococcygeus) muscle is one of the key to unlock sexual bliss. Also I learned about multiple orgasmic man, this is refer to a man that have orgasm without ejaculating and in such matter don’t deplete itself from life force energy. Recently I learn of the B.C. (Bulbocavernous) muscle, I will write more about my experience and the clarity it provided me in another blog.

This make me realize that everybody can accomplish great thing, they only have to believe, research the truth and train with dedication and commitment. This help me in my life and will still provide tremendous benefit for the rest of my life.

In my early life I was shy, I couldn’t talk any word out of the standard dogma, I was afraid of the judgement of other. It is definitely have change, I am happy now to take people out of there comfort zone and breaking the vibe to make realize. I still bring value and constructive critic, also always ready to help people and explain my point. This started when I realize that everybody is able to achieve great thing!

I then did Martial Art and boosted my confidence big time. Knowing how to defend my self and meeting new people with the same interest had helped me a lot. After this I meet a Kyle and he also push me out of my comfort zone and made me reach strong belief of myself. I search for solution and found out there is plenty, this alone provide me with love and hope for mankind.

My turning point have been really unorthodox, you see why now. If I wouldn’t have asked question to myself and other’s I would still hoping for the best without having true believing in a bright future as so many of us do. They find themselves lame excuse to do nothing good. I will just not share those energy sucking quote, pretty sure you ear a bunch of those complaint, to often. If people are not bringing you any benefit you can back them off, there is always a way to bring the wisdom so people understand that you try to make them better and not critic them with hate. This is a art, the mastery of enhancing language.

The understanding from tantra, that we are all one, united in every way to all the thing we can see even some we don’t. This and the acceptance of other made me a better universe lover, I could say. I cannot be friend to everyone but I can accept who they are.

“He can forgive, but will never forget”

Xavier Rudd

All this to advise you to get out of your comfort zone, risk and ask expert who already achieve what you want how they did it and guidance. This alone will bring you to a constant improvement.

Get the best coaching and course for personal growth here, it will show you the way and keep you accountable to success.

It is really all in your hand, I will provide all the guidance trick I’ve learn, thing I’ve tried and will bring you the best of it. Just follow along my blog and email, you will reach higher achievement everyday! The only thing you should do is take action.

The best program for growing a profitable online business is here!

Recaps, You got to improve your confidence: -you can subscribe to an Art Martial course,

-Listen to personal growth video,

-Talk to people around you, about idea, don’t be deceive by what they say, they just might lack of vision and imagination, stick to your idea. Maybe you will find people who can help you!

-Join group or activity that will bring you knowledge and provide you with a place to exchange idea,

-Be confident of what you talk about and what you can bring to this world! No matter the deception of other, bring it so people know you are bringing value and not judgement,

-Help other with constructive critic, but you must also accept critic.

“Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, great min discuss ideas.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

It really if everyone is becoming the best version of themselves, that make the world will be at is best.

Boost yourself,



Stop spending impulsively, start investing wisely.

It is not how much money you make that make your net worth, it is your network. Eared it already, right? But it not where I wanted to bring you here. It is really important to surround yourself with successful people.

You become the average of the five people you spend the most time with. This also is a frequent quote, that is also true. Right here in these two line you really get a big part of your business success and self development improvement.

But what I really wanted to say now is that you only have the money left after your expense. I first understand this with rich dad poor dad book from Robert T. Kiyosaki. The thing I learn from him are still sinking in. There is so much powerful stuff into this book.

The first thing he explain is the quadrant: Employee, self-employed, business owner and investor. He tell that in the left quadrant you work for money, you stop working you stop being paid. One hour one dollar, I like to say, even as an employee I make more then a dollar per hour, for the example I found it funny. The right side is where it become powerful, make your money and idea work for you. Which side you want to be in?

E= Employee, he work for someone, he get paid per hour worked

S= Self-employed, he own a small business, the time he work get paid

B= Business owner, he got a system that work for him

I= Investor, he got his money working for him

A good wealth advise is to spend your money on thing that will provide you more time and money in the future. Invest on thing that will provide you more and boost your result with less effort and time.

As an example, let say you have to email hundred of potential costumer each week, do it one by one might take 8 hours. 20$/hour X 8= 160$

Not imagine you invest into a autoresponder that will send subsequent email to your potential costumer, it cost generally 20$ per month! You can even make a special sequence that will bring your prospect into a follow-up to bring them value all week and after a couple email with all the value they got freely from you they will be more prompt to buy from you.

Solo= 20$/hour X 8 = 160$/week X 4 = 640$ per month and 32 hours spends with low result

System= 20$/month + the building of your email 8 hours X 20$= 160$ + 20= 180$ and 8 hours spend for max result

Can you see how it work, you always got to ask yourself, how is your time worth and what could I do to have the maximum result with the less time, this is how rich people think. Invest in yourself first then build a system to provide value and your talent the world.

Try to help the most people you can possibly help. This is the best advise I can provide you.

In his book he also talk about liability and asset. The difference is quite simple.

Liability= thing that cost you money, and take money to operate it: a car, a boat, a trip, a house, everything that not bringing any money in your bank account after the purchase, even cost you more in the future

Asset= Investment that continue paying you money after the purchase= real estate, a chalet that you rent, a profitable business or system, dividend stock, computer to build you business or mining or whatever project that can pay you in the long run.

The money that you invest today is the reason you’ll reach freedom tomorrow!

Count your time versus the cost, as an example; I am taking pine pollen, it is expensive, but totally worth it since it help with my recuperation, power and the balancing of my hormone. It cost 100$ CDN for 250 gram, I calculate that I can harvest 2 lbs of it in 2 hours + time to set up them to dry, 1 hour + the time to extract the pollen 8 hours

2+1+8= 11 hours X 20$/hour= 220$

2 lbs = 1000 gram approximately, 1000/250= 4 X 100$= 400$ > 220$ Canadian Dollar to be exact

See what I meant by count it. Also I have to enjoy the sun, breath fresh air and chill with my harvest buddy for 2 hours!

I am so grateful to stumble on this powerful knowledge my wealth is growing exponentially everyday, since I invest in my self first. The rest will come with discipline and calculated risk.

Risk always need to be calculated, but should take you out of your comfort zone. Even if you fail, as long as you learn. You can and shuld track all your learning and what you are grateful for and share it to the world to bring value and credential early on, so eventually you can build your brand on your acquired wisdom and have value content to share!

This is really powerful and most new people on the internet is making money with this method!

So to recap;

-Invest in yourself, to get more thing done with less time!

-Count all of your expense versus time gain, is it worth it. I only pay myself 20$ for now but it is only an example. my time worth more everyday! This is what I gain net at my job now.

-Build system to work for you, ask advice and dare mighty thing

-Put money aside every payday and make it work for you

-Track your result, your learning and what you are grateful for

Those five thing are pretty simple to say, but they take pro’s to get it done correctly and quickly, you can always try by yourself. But if you count the time you’ll spend, the effort you’ll put in vain, all the information outdated you get it might discourage the most persevering one of us.

It is wise to start on the good trail, what it will cost you to spend you’re precious time in vain? You better off investing into a proven formula to build your system on the right track in the first run.

For a small amount you can build your future instantly, without fog or deception, while being coached by people who already built a profitable system. Don’t miss your success and click here!

Boost yourself,




Stress, is it your worst enemy or you salvation?

You body is made to heal itself, really? Yes when given the right fuel and care. It is like a car, put cheap gasoline full of dirt and don’t do no maintenance on it. Pretty sure you know the result, especially in a harsh environment, near the ocean or where they spread salt in winter time like here in Canada or in the upper state of USA.

To be optimal you body need the best nutriment you can provide, there is a lot to say here and many thing need to be explain in depth since there is plenty of wrong information on health food topic. Also we all have different genetic and background. What is good for me might not be optimal for you.

This involve to have different need. Allergy to different food. Yup this is real, we are all allergic to some food. Follow my blog to know more.

We are all busy, some time too busy to eat healthy, sleep properly, read book and more thing to take care of our self. We often not mentally and physically prepare to face stress face to face. In this case stress is taken as a treat and crash energy down. You cannot use stress for good if you’re brain is foggy and you don’t know where to aim your focus and what to do next.

Look my blog on sleep and the one on meditation to give your focus a boost! After implementing a couple of those trick, one at a time or all together, not only your mind will be clearer but all your metabolism will work with you!

Like the car you need to put the best gasoline, do your maintenance in regards of your environment. You body need the best food, the best air and a good stress management.

Gasoline= food, air, sun, information, love, share, sleep

Maintenance= workout, lifestyle, rest, powerful thinking

Sometime it is really bad stress that we are creating inside our mind.

As Mark twain quote;

“I had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”

It is simple to understand why it is so crucial, especially if you’re already working to improve your thought, not only to have positive thought but powerful one preferably. The kind of idea and solution that empower you to give your best. To have you looking for solution, this is the real power of the mind, you control your thought!

I had many problem in my early year of being entrepreneur most of them never existed, as I focus my mind on the work and the solution, I saw more and more opportunity coming my way. Also When I start thinking I deserve good thing and change my mind to creating wealth, it all changed of outcome tremendously.

So have powerful tough, provide good fuel to your body and everything will get better! It has worked for me and for so many other successful people! Why not taking advantage of these powerful habit and trick?

Bad stress= thing that make you doubt, distress, step back, scared of the outcome if thing goes bad

Good stress or Eustress= provide you with motivation, acting with gut, mind sharpness and body in good condition

Your brain that react first to new stimuli is the reptilian brain, he think fight or flight as a solution. If you fight you will have strengths and courage provide, but if you flight your react to escape the situation. Not facing the problem and resolving it with a solution, it will back fire in the future.

You body react to this a lot, we are made to live in the wild as a predator and a prey as well. On bad stress it turn off your problem solving mind, narrow your vision, turn your skin acidic, stop digestion and many more issues is being felt. Issues also include; cold, flu, digestive, reproductive, depression, heart disease, weight gain, memory loss.

Good stress in the other hand is really benefiting you! Enhance and improve cognitive brain function, boost motivation defined by excitement, help identify and overcome obstacle, it is invigorating and providing satisfaction!



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