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Any preparation is good, but action must be taken!

I just got stock in the middle of the ride. Sun was burning my head and water was getting depleted. It could all have been prevented with more preparation.

It all started on a bike ride with my girlfriend. On a hot and sunny day we went 8 miles away from my place, only too realize when we were going back home after our little swim in the cold lake water. Dress up and when we hit the road my tire was flat, completely out of air. I walk to the closest gas station to inflate it, it seemed correct but we knew it would empty itself again. We sprint all the way we can before I would run on my rim so I stopped before breaking anything.

I had a small hand pump usually with my bike. But for this time I didn’t found it quickly and decide to go without it. It is the only time I didn’t took it with me on a ride and it is the only time I would have needed it. I didn’t get mad or anything just had to walk a bit, my girlfriend sprinted to the car and came pick me up. In the time I waited under the canopy, in in great outdoor, I wrote¬†2 blog ideas I had. This is one of those idea and my girl had a extra workout that she really felt in her leg all evening long and this morning as well.

This is bringing me to advise you that you need to get the adequate tool and help to prevent lost and frustration. You can blindly try thing but it might and certainly come back to you in the future. Could be the government that will tax or charge you, law suit, bail, permanently blocked or what ever it could be you must take precaution. You don’t need to know all the exact step before taking action, the road will unveil under your step for much of the case.

Don’t get stuck on the side of the road and make yourself a plan. Good way to build a sure way to success is to reverse engineer those who already succeed in what you are looking to achieve. Look was is working then ask yourself what is require to achieve it, look at all that involve into the achievement of such a working product or service.

This way will ensure you to get a complete path and won’t stall on any of the step to take. Don’t wait till it is perfect before acting, act then perfect it. Again don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness when you really screw up.

Be aware everything bad can happen and if unprepared definitely will eventually hit you back, it can be an opportunity to learn or another reason to complaint. Prior the first outcome, on my adventure I learn to take more time to prepare the tool. I couldn’t find it, taking 30 minutes, more efficiently way would have to ask my girlfriend since she the one that use it last time, if I would look deeper and ask help I might found it in 5 minutes.

This apply to business as well, don’t be shy to ask. Formulate a great question, with research done and precise answer you look for. Everybody want to help people who help themselves, some guidance might be disguise as negative critic. Two way to approach it, ask this person who gave you the advise why they’re use these word and why their answer are cold and harsh or whatever the feeling you get of it. The other way would just to reformulate it in your head to you advantage and try to understand what he meant, confirm with him that this is what he meant.

Again if you want the best advise from a guy who is improving everyday and is reaching is goal, invest in yourself and get mentored by the best out there.

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